CBE is founded by Bruno Conci, who started his business in the caravanning industry manufacturing electrical systems and electronic devices for the local manufacturers Laverda and VS Caravan. In this same year, the company launches the first LED control panel for motorhomes.


First attendance at the Turin show (now in Parma)


First attendance at the Essen show (now in Düsseldorf)


First attendance at the Paris show


CBE moves to a new 1000 m2 factory (Lamar/TRENTO)


First LCD control panel for motorhomes


CBE obtains the UNI EN ISO 9001 certification. The constantly increasing turnover leads CBE to the decision of buying a 4500 m2 field where the current factory of Spini/TRENTO – at that time 2800 m2 – is located


First touchscreen control panel for motorhomes


CBE decides to invest strategically on the direct manufacture of wiring harnesses and takes over LCE, a consolidated company in that industry located in Arco/ITALY


A new production facility (still in Arco/ITALY), with more than 1500m2, is made available to LCE. CBE strengthens and expands its production capacity in the wiring harnesses industry with the start-up SCT, based in Soliman/TUNISIA


Expansion of the factory in Spini/TRENTO (end of works mid 2015), which gains further 1000 m2 dedicated mainly to additional test laboratories and storage areas


CBE creates the simulation testing lab, a laboratory that allows the functional simulation of all CBE systems in combination with appliances and electrical utilities typically installed on recreational vehicles.


DexKo Global Inc. (through its subsidiary AL-KO) signs an agreement in July which has led to the acquisition of CBE.


The companies CBE srl and Nordelettronica srl merge giving life to the company AL-KO Vehicle Technology Electronics S.r.l., an Italian company with registered office in Trento.


Ugo Francescutti, telecommunications engineer with a long-term international experience in various electronic industries such as building systems engineering and energy supply, is the new Managing Director of AL-KO Vehicle Technology Electronics S.r.l.
Alessandro Chies, with over thirty years of experience in Nordelettronica, takes on the role of Head of Sales