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22 January 2015, Comments 0
The new BATTERY DUO-SYSTEM is an electronic device that can manage two service batteries during the charging phases (with alternator, battery charger and photovoltaic module) as well as during the discharging phases.

This new device allows you to:
  • - Charge two batteries one by one up to 100% of their power
  • - Discharge two batteries one by one
  • - Connect two batteries of different capacity and age
  • - Control the function of the batteries. In the case where one of the two batteries is damaged the device insulates it. A yel­low LED on BDS - 150 in­form you that a battery is damaged.
  • - Save the batteries: in order to avoid permanent damage the device will disconnect the batteries when the security voltage level is re­a­ched
  • - Disconnect the two service batteries (in case of long periods of inactivity) through a switch that can also be set far from the device
  • - Manage high voltage current (in charging and discharging phases) to max 70A with peaks of 300A for each battery
  • - Connect users with consumptions to max 140A
  • - Connect a control panel (MC-DUO) to allow selection between automatic or manual running of the device
  • -Dimensions: 180 x 120 x 35mm / Colour: black
code: 402150

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