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14 June 2017, Comments 0

Automatic Battery selector

The new BATTERY DUO-SYSTEM is an electronic device that can manage two service batteries during the charging phases (with alternator, battery charger and photovoltaic module) as well as during the discharging phases.

BDS-180 Allows you to:

    • – Charge/discharge batteries management
    • – Connect two batteries of different capacity and age
    • – Control the function of the batteries. In the case where one of the two batteries is damaged the device insulates it. A yel­low LED on BDS-180 in­form you that a battery is damaged.
    • – Save the batteries: in order to avoid permanent damage the device will disconnect the batteries when the security voltage level is re­a­ched
    • – Disconnect the two service batteries (in case of long periods of inactivity) through a switch that can also be set far from the device
    • – Manage high voltage current (in charging and discharging phases) to max 90A with peaks of 120A for each battery
    • – Connect users with consumptions to max 180A
    • – Connect a control panel (MC-180) to allow selection between automatic or manual running of the device
    • – Connection to mobile devices with “REMOTE CONTROL BDS-180”

Dimension (mm): 150 x 110 h48

Color: Black


The mobile APP "REMOTE CONTROL BDS-180" is developed to manage and expand the functions of the BDS-180. The connection between the BDS-180 and mobile devices via WIFI has a limited range.


  • - Select the operating mode of the BDS-180 (automatic/manual)
  • - graphically display the two batteries voltage
  • - View in real time the charge and discharge cycle
  • - View in real time the battery power remaining
  • - View the number of charge/discharge cycles of the two batteries
  • - Display the "save battery" alarm
  • - Show current batteries status
  • - Receive information about any batteries anomalies
  • - Read the BDS-180 user manual
  • - Update the DBS-180 firmware

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