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20 October 2020

CL-BUS by CBE now being fitted by OEM premium motorhome brands for improved connectivity

The new CL-BUS product range with LIN BUS connection developed and produced by CBE, which previewed as concepts at the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf […]

30 October 2019

CL-Bus: a new CBE product generation

For over 40 years, the core business of CBE has been 12- and 230-Volt electrical systems for recreational vehicles. Motorhome manufacturers in Europe and […]

30 October 2019

More and more power in the CBE Solar System line, the 165-watt module and the 330-watt MPPT solar charge regulator are here

Energy requirements of recreational vehicles are on the rise despite the technology constantly evolving towards energy-efficiency by using LED lighting and better performing electronic […]

25 July 2019

CBE introduces the new CB522-LT battery charger for lithium batteries

The new CB522-LT switching battery charger expressly dedicated to lithium batteries will be added to the CBE catalogue in September 2019. The product will […]

5 November 2018

New packaging for the CBE aftermarket

Towards the end of 2017, CBE launched a progressive renewal of its coordinated image, which would extend throughout 2018. The first elements to be […]