AL-KO Vehicle Technology Electronics (VTE) presents a new aftermarket catalogue

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25 August 2022
25 August 2022, Comments 0

The AL-KO VTE catalogue integrates the ranges of CBE and Nordelettronica. In addition to innovations in solar panels and test panels, the catalogue includes solutions, like the complete NE273 system for controlling electrical installations, the NE 287 switching battery charger that doubles as a power supply and the NE325 DC/DC converter

Catalogo AlKo VTE

The company’s electronic products for the caravanning sector, like the Solar System family, Energy Line, Modular Plates and the New Technology line products, are all presented on 70 pages.

In addition to the solar panel innovations (the two MF100P and MF170 modules, the PRM350 solar controller and the PT742 / GR test panel with OLED touch display) and the new level control panels, the new CBE / Nordelettronica catalogue features several new solutions, such as the complete NE273 system for controlling the 12V electrical system of the motorhome. This includes a 7″ colour LCD touch screen panel for monitoring batteries (automotive and services) and tank levels (with alarm management). It has an integrated electronic battery separator and manages the trivalent fridge.

It also includes 13 consumer protection fuses. It offers automotive battery charge maintenance and monitors the minimum voltage by switching off consumers, if necessary, to prevent over-discharging the service battery. It is equipped with a digital clock. Finally, it displays the indoor temperature and the outdoor temperature, the latter with an optional sensor.

A versatile charger

Other new products include the NE287 switching battery charger, which can be used for 12-volt lead (lead-acid, gel and AGM) and lithium batteries. When the 230V mains voltage is present, but no service battery is installed or connected, the NE287 also functions as a power supply with a fixed output voltage of 13.8V and a maximum current of 17A (230W max) or 21A (290W max).

Finally, the NE325 DC/DC converter is interesting for charging the auxiliary battery using the alternator, particularly on the vehicle with a Euro 6 engine equipped with a smart alternator, which often provides too low a charging voltage. Instead, lithium batteries have practically no internal resistance and for this reason, the DC/DC is needed to limit the charging current of the alternator and protect the system from overheating or damage. The DC/DC converter only supplies power when the vehicle is in motion.


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