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22 January 2015, Comments 0
The light brightness adjuster DLS-200 is an electronic device which allows the brightness of the motorhome’s internal lights to be varied (resistive incandescent, LED and halogen lights). It can be connected to one or more push buttons installed in the vehicle. By pressing once, lights can be switched on and off while continual pressing varies the light’s brightness.The DLS-200 can manage up to 8 different light channels up to 200W maximum power.

Technical Specs:
  • - Power supply / nominal voltage 12V cc
  • - Maximum power 200W
  • - Up to 8 dimmed light channels (parallelable)
  • - PWM (pulse-width modulation) outputs
  • - Short-circuit and overheating protection
  • - Dimensions (mm): 102 x 60 x 30
  • - Weight (Kg): 0,1
code: 402200

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