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5 November 2018
5 November 2018, Comments 0

Cbe New packaging

Towards the end of 2017, CBE launched a progressive renewal of its coordinated image, which would extend throughout 2018. The first elements to be reworked were the product catalogue, the website and the exhibition stands presented at the shows in Parma and Düsseldorf. The new image involved the 4 lines of CBE aftermarket products (Solar System, New Technology, Modular Plates, Energy Line), that were each allocated different colours and different stylised icons that would immediately recall the products to which the ranges refer. Today, the product packaging used for retail sale benefits from this new style too, offering not only a more appealing image but also useful information on the product, its characteristics and its functions.
CBE has always invested more in the product than its image“, says Dorian Sosi, Sales Director for Italy. “But now we have decided to enhance the quality of our products right from the first impact too, starting with the aesthetic, the look of our boxes. Our background is that of industrial suppliers and we have never allowed our packaging the attention it deserved, simply ensuring that it was functional and recognisable. So our boxes were mostly white, with our characteristic logo clearly visible. The new packaging is very effective in instantly communicating the characteristics of the products it contains”.
Each box displays the icons and colours of the specific range, and the texts and images provide the aftermarket customer with all the necessary information on the characteristics of the product, its applications and, importantly, on other compatible components and accessories. The quality of CBE’s products is now clear right from the very first glance.

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