Photovoltaic modules

CBE PHOTOVOLTAIC MODULES made with PERC (Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell) solar cells guarantee a higher level of conversion efficiency and, at the same time, additional technical advantages such as a lower temperature coefficient and, therefore, better performance.

The high-quality anti-reflective coating of the cells and special glass make for a truly high-performance photovoltaic module. The high transmittance tempered glass is impact and weather resistant.

The back of the module is protected by a sheet of white Tedlar, preventing any infiltration of air and moisture, thus isolating the electrical contacts and avoiding any possibility of their oxidation.

The module frame is made of anodised aluminium and the bypass diodes and cable glandes needed for connection are housed in the junction box at the back.

CBE photovoltaic modules are built using the most advanced technology in line with European standards and are covered by a 25-year warranty on the declared power.