More and more power in the CBE Solar System line, the 165-watt module and the 330-watt MPPT solar charge regulator are here

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30 October 2019
30 October 2019, Comments 0

Energy requirements of recreational vehicles are on the rise despite the technology constantly evolving towards energy-efficiency by using LED lighting and better performing electronic equipment. RV users are becoming more and more demanding wanting all the comforts of home even on holiday and manufacturers are increasing the number of lighting points and on-board electrical and electronic systems exponentially. Televisions, aerials, compressor refrigerators, 12-volt heating and cooling systems, inverters for charging laptops, electric height-adjustable beds and complex lighting systems all demand a lot from the on-board batteries. Fortunately, solar energy is a cost-effective, eco-sustainable solution to supplying the necessary power. CBE, a company based in Trento (Northern Italy) that joined the AL-KO Group last year, has a long tradition in the photovoltaic modules market for RVs to provide energy autonomy for those travelling in motorhomes and may choose not to stop in equipped camp sites. The current range which includes three versions, 100-watt, 135-watt and 90-watt (the latter in “booster” version) is now being complemented by the new 165-watt module. Just slightly longer than the 135-watt one, this new module is also equipped with high-transmittance, shock-resistant tempered glass which is weather-proof and with a special anti-reflection treatment to guarantee maximum performance. CBE photovoltaic modules are manufactured with state-of-the-art technologies. They comply with the requirements of European standards and are covered by a 25-year warranty on the declared power. The declared tolerance value of +/- 3% is evidence of uncompromising quality.

The new 165-watt photovoltaic module helps to meet the energy requirements of medium-to-large size recreational vehicles. The advantages can be increased even further by pairing it with a second module. CBE is also designing a new PRM 330 solar charge regulator suitable for a power of up to 330 watts. The new regulator also features a MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracker) system, which continuously measures voltage and current values, drawing the maximum power available from the photovoltaic module in every situation. With this technology, system efficiency can be increased by up to 20% compared to traditional systems.


 TOLERANCE +-3   %
 DIMENSIONS   mm 1480   x 670 x 35x
 WEIGHT   (kg) 12

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