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29 November 2017, Comments 0

CB516-3, CB520-3 and CB522-3 battery chargers can charge automatically lead acid, lead-gel and AGM batteries with innovative charging lines. They are protected against overheating and the 12V outputs are protected against short circuits and polarity inversion.
CB516-3,CB520-3 and CB522-3 are furthermore designed to replace the CB516, CB520 and CB522 models.
The high frequency switching technology gives excellent performance with limited weight and dimensions.

Charging process for 12V batteries:
- Desulphation : when switching on the battery charger, only if needed, the battery is charged at 15,2V until the current exceeds 2A or for a maximum of 2 hours.
- Bulk : battery charging with maximum current until the end-of-charge voltage is reached.
- Note: the end-of-charge voltage is reached only if the battery is efficient.
- Absorption : battery charging at constant end-of-charge voltage for the time defined by the charging line, with a progressive current reduction until the charging is completed.
- Float : Maintenance charging at constant voltage for a maximum time of 15 hours. A high load leads to phase Bulk starting again.
- Stand-by : The battery charger stops supplying power. It will switch over to the Refresh phase when the battery voltage goes under 13V.
- Refresh : The battery is charged at the Bulk voltage for a maximum time of 1h; this phase is designed to compensate for the battery self-discharge. Once completed, the charging starts again from the Float phase.
[table caption="" width="900" colwidth="225|225|225" colalign="left|left|left|left"]12V BATTERY CHARGER,CB516-3,CB520-3,CB522-3PART-NR,321517,321521,,TECHNICAL DATA NOMINAL INPUT VOLTAGE,230Vac +-10%,230Vac +-10%,230Vac +-10% FREQUENCY,50Hz+60Hz,50Hz+60Hz,50Hz+60Hz MAX POWER,250W,300W,320V PROTECTION FUSE,3.15A (glass5 x 20),3.15A (glass 5 x 20),3.15A (glass 5 x 20) ON/OFF SAFETY SWITCH,230V,230V,230V OUTPUT TECHNICAL DATA BULK VOLTAGE (V),14.1Vdc (A) - 14.4Vdc (B) - 14.7Vdc (C),14.1Vdc (A) - 14.4Vdc (B) - 14.7Vdc (C)),14.1Vdc (A) - 14.4Vdc (B) - 14.7Vdc (C) FLOAT VOLTAGE (V),13.5Vdc (A) - 13.8Vdc (B) - 13.8Vdc (C),13.5Vdc (A) - 13.8Vdc (B) - 13.8Vdc (C),13.5Vdc (A) - 13.8Vdc (B) - 13.8Vdc (C) MAX CURRENT,16A,20A,22A CHARGING LINE,IUoU,IUoU,IUoU BATTERY TYPE SELECTOR,3 posizioni (A - B - C),3 positions(A - B - C),3 positions(A - B - C) SHORT-CIRCUIT AND POLARITY INVERSION,25A (blade),30A (blade),30A (blade) THERMAL PROTECTION,Yes,Yes,Yes SIGNAL AC POWER SUPPLY (S),12V; 50mA,12V; 50mA,12V; 50mA GENERAL TECHNICAL DATA EFFICIENCY,86%,86%,86% ROOM TEMPERATURE,0-50°,0-50°,0-40° VENTILATION,Gradual automatic regulation,Gradual automatic regulation,Gradual automatic regulation PROTECTION DEGREE,IP 30,IP 30,IP 30 MAINS CONNECTION,Schuko plug,Schuko plug,Schuko plug BATTERY CONNECTION,6.3 terminals,"M6" screw,"M6" screw CASE,Nylon + fiber glass self-extinguishing,Nylon + fiber glass self-extinguishing,Nylon + fiber glass self-extinguishing DIMENSIONS (mm),180 x 140 x 85H,180 x 140 x 85H,180 x 190 x 85H WEIGHT,1Kg,1Kg,1Kg COLOUR,Graphite black,Graphite black,Graphite black [/table]

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